The First of the Four Factors


New Patient Acquisition, the first of the four factors, is extremely important to sustaining growth in your chiropractic practice. Just like the other three factors, this first factor is a vital aspect to the success of your practice.


If you let this one factor go ignored, it puts a dent on the entire system. Much like ingredients to a recipe, New Patient Acquisition is a necessary ingredient to the recipe that makes a successful practice.


There are a myriad of ways to get new chiropractic patients into your practice. Let’s look at a few of the most workable methods.


Converting Phone Calls

Converting the phone calls at your office into appointments is a particularly effective method to acquiring new patients. Even the most casual phone calls can easily slip by the Receptionist despite their potential to be made into an appointment.


There’s a specific formula to converting calls into appointments. The formula is, first and foremost, to keep the person on the phone for longer than a minute and a half. This is done by asking questions of concern. Ask them what pain they’re experiencing, how long has it been going on, etc. Dig in there and let them talk. When you do this, the person on the other end of the line not only feels that you care but it puts the conversation under your control


After a couple of minutes, the prospective patient should be asked (with appropriate timing) when they can come in for an examination. It’s a simple formula, but a very effective one.



The Most Effective Method

The most workable method to getting new patients is through referrals. Your internal referral system is the catalyst to steady New Patient Acquisition. By using VIVAPaks to get referrals from your existing patients, you are enhancing your most resourceful asset for acquiring new patients.

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How is Branding Different from Marketing?


There’s always been some complication surrounding the terms branding and marketing. The confusion comes from assuming that they’re the same thing. Yet clarifying the discrepancy is vital for the survival and expansion of your chiropractic practice.


Marketing activates buyers by selling them on your chiropractic care via a medium. Marketing efforts look like TV commercials, direct mail, printed advertisements, online advertisements, etc. When you market yourself you’re asking people to come to your chiropractic practice. Marketing, in a nut shell, is promotion.


But what about branding? On a fundamental level branding is different from marketing. Unlike marketing, branding is not promotion. Branding is establishing what type of chiropractor you are, what your vibe is – what the theme of your chiropractic practice is. When you’ve properly branded people understand who you are and what you’re about. Your brand is the concept.


As you can see, marketing relies on branding and the success of your chiropractic practice relies heavily on the quality and quantity of your marketing.


At Viva, we accomplish the overall task of combining both (branding and marketing) in order to increase brand awareness for the expansion of your practice.


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Successful Marketing, the Four Factors


For any chiropractic practice to survive and grow, it must incorporate the following four factors in its marketing system. The first factor is New Patient Acquisition. The second factor is Treatment Acceptance. The third factor is Patient Retention. And the fourth factor is Patient Reactivation.


All of your marketing efforts should be aligned with these four factors. These factors work in relation to and in combination with each other to create the kind of success you crave and need.


The Viva System is designed to cover all four factors. This is just one of the many reasons why the Viva System is so effective.


The Viva System includes the various campaigns which address these four factors.


With Viva, there simply is no limit to your success. Reach your potential by using the Viva System.


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The Basic Package



There are so many various entities that go into branding and marketing. This includes advertisements, your office, your website, the way your receptionist responds to prospective and existing patients, and the chiropractic care you deliver. Branding and marketing strategies might seem daunting at first, but there are things which can be done to prevent the overwhelming element to the process.


For instance, keeping in mind that your immediate environment is utterly under your control can absolutely help brace the stress regarding all of this. By keeping this in the forefront of your mind, you can therefore relax and focus your time and energy on your office and patients. Now, you’re probably asking “but what about patient acquisition?” This is where Viva comes in and why the Basic Package at Viva is incidentally the crucial tool for the branding and marketing of your chiropractic practice.


In order to substantially expand your chiropractic practice and get new patients in, you’re going to have to start somewhere. There’s no better place to start than with the top quality campaigns included in the Basic Package.


The Basic Package includes the New Patient Referrals campaign, the Patient Reactivation & Loyalty Mailers campaign and the Neighborhood Brochure Mailers campaign, which makes you the well-known chiropractor in your community.

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Why Use A Branding Campaign?


By building a strong brand identity you’re able to expand your chiropractic practice, and continue expanding. When prospective patients are able to get a clear idea of what an experience at your chiropractic practice is like from a brochure or any other type of advertisement, they are very likely to reach out to your office and make an appointment. This is why branding and marketing, when done right, elicit such striking results.


In order to build the brand you want, that which creates brand loyalty, your aim should be at strategizing with efficiency. You don’t want to waste too much time with trial and error, which therefore wastes money as well. What you really need is to incorporate a branding campaign that is remunerative for your chiropractic practice.


At Viva, we offer a campaign to serve the purpose of building your brand. The Branding Campaign has a 120 patient guarantee because it works.


This campaign includes an array of Viva products and mailers, as well as 3 Viva Training Symposiums where you will learn the ins and outs of marketing to the benefit of your chiropractic practice. Get involved with Viva and anticipate the impact of the Branding Campaign!


Source: The Branding Campaign

Brand Loyalty


Brand loyalty is an aspect of your chiropractic practice that requires focus and attention in order to create expansion in your practice. Just like any other business, a chiropractic practice requires a persistent marketing strategy (or strategies) if expansion is to be expected.


Having said that, there are a few factors that – while working in conjunction – will establish a level of brand loyalty you didn’t think was even possible. It goes without saying that one of these factors is being a competent and diplomatic chiropractor. There’s no doubt that doing your job well and gracefully is a major part of achieving brand loyalty. However, there’s also something to say about marketing here.


It doesn’t quite matter how great of a chiropractor you are if you’re failing to market yourself in the direction of increasing brand awareness. Increasing brand awareness and brand loyalty go hand in hand. The result is stable expansion because your chiropractic patients aren’t going to want to be adjusted by just anybody. They’re going to only want to commit to you as their chiropractor.


All you need to do is market yourself on a persistent and consistent level in order to see brand loyalty in your chiropractic career. You can attain this at Viva by implementing top notch marketing campaigns at a cost-effective rate.


Source: Branding with Viva

Your Logo and Building Your Brand


We discussed in the last post how increasing brand awareness should be the focal point of your marketing efforts if you want to develop expansion in your chiropractic practice. Well, one large piece to that puzzle is your logo. Your logo is everything – if you know how to use it.


Once you’ve created a logo that you’re comfortable with, then you can move on to actually using it to the benefit of your chiropractic practice. Now the reason why it’s necessary that you’re comfortable with your logo is because it’s going to be used over and over and over again. If you’re marketing yourself right – and enough – then your logo should be printed on everything related to your company. This includes brochures. This includes cards. This includes mailers.


With the brochures customized to your liking at Viva, our designers make sure that the colors, logo and theme align professionally and aesthetically. The end results are products that are worth expending your marketing efforts and budget on.


Once you’ve seen the designs we offer at Viva, you aren’t going to question the level of expertise which has gone into them. Viva products speak for themselves.


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